Frequently Asked Questions

Do you include international flights in the price of your tours?
o We include international flights on almost all our tours. We believe that this is what our clients want, allowing travelers to fly with other members of their tour group & to arrive together. However we are happy for you to arrange your own flights if you wish, adjusting your tour price accordingly. Just let us know.

How many people will be on the tour?
o Tour group size varies depending on what kind of tour it is. Most of our tour groups have a limit of 30 travelers. Many of our tours are private, customized tours for groups such as school, friends, churches, etc. For private groups we cater to the group size that the tour leader requests & base the tour price on that.

What is included in the tour price?
o International airfare, all transportation (whether by private motorcoach, train, metro, etc), all hotel accommodation including breakfasts, & all sightseeing & guide fees as outlined in your tour itinerary. Other meals are often included too, where we believe it is suitable for the particular tour.

What kind of hotels do we stay in?
o The vast majority of the hotels we use are 3 star, privately/locally-owned hotels. The most crucial factors in our selection process are location, quality & budget. Thus we occasionally use 2 or 4 star hotels too where appropriate. Many tour groups find themselves in hotels miles out of the city centers, with nothing close by. But we pride ourselves on using centrally-located hotels so that our travelers can step out of the hotel & right into the action.

How do we travel once we get there?
o When traveling between cities we mostly use private motor coaches, but also occasionally travel by train. Within cities we use a coach if it is appropriate but really live by the motto: When in Rome do as the Romans do. Thus we like to introduce our groups to the local means of transportation - riding on the Paris metro or London double-decker buses, etc.

Who will our tour leader be?
o Declan still leads many of our tours, but can't be in two places at once so we also use a select team of experience tour leaders. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of tour leaders, so we have great confidence in the select few that we work with.

Will we have a local guide?
o Yes. We are experts at operating tours & know the destinations we take out groups to. But we aren't locals. So we like to use local guides to lead our city tours so that our travelers get to know a city in the company of a genuine local.

What should I pack?
o Before your tour you will be sent a wealth of information, such as weather forecasts or seasonal averages & advice on how much walking you can expect. These are designed to help you plan ahead & pack accordingly.

Do I need a visa?
o Visa are not needed for most of the countries we visit if you hold an American passport. Where visas are necessary we will advise you of how to apply.

Can children go on the tour?
o Some of our tours are limited to certain age groups: adults, college-age, etc. But for our family tours we love to travel with kids - of all ages. We strongly believe that travel is a state of mind: kids who are fortunate enough to travel grow up to realize how small the world is & just how many opportunities there are.