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Strolling through England’s beautiful country gardens; viewing the Amazonian rainforest from high in the treetops; shopping with your girlfriends in the boutiques of Paris or the markets of London; gliding through Venice in a traditional gondola; gazing in awe as African elephants visit a watering hole; or experiencing Hanoi’s Old Quarter from a cyclo-rickshaw… the experiences of a lifetime await you on a Global Explorers adventure.
With destinations as wide and as varied as our planet it's hard to choose where to go next.
But no matter where in the world you choose to travel, you can be sure that Global Explorers will immerse you in the local history and culture of your destination. Whether in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, South America or Oceania, you’ll not only see the sights but also have plenty of time to absorb the atmosphere and your surroundings and to relax. And you’ll have the authentic, personal travel experiences that so many group travelers miss out on.
At Global Explorers we are constantly developing and improving the range and variety of our worldwide tours. We offer tours to a wide variety of destinations, and are always happy to respond to our travelers’ requests for new tours, whether to more unusual countries and regions or to old favorites.


With ancient ruins, medieval towns, sun-kissed beaches and snow-capped mountains Europe has a diversity of scenery and cultures that perhaps only Asia can match, with highlights including Germany's castles and mountains, Italy's art and historic cities, and France's picturesque villages and sophisticated Paris. And nowadays it’s more affordable than you might think.


The world’s most visited country, France charms visitors from all over the world thanks to its incredible wealth of attractions, with some of the world’s greatest art and architecture as well as sights of great historical significance for Americans such as the D-Day Beaches.
From sophisticated Paris to the stunning French Riviera, Global Explorers’ France tours will immerse you in the regions. Depending on your chosen tour we'll visit vineyards to indulge tastings, enjoy relaxed walks in the chateaux-lined Loire Valley, follow the Tour de France through fields of sunflowers, and of course we’ll always feast on the local cuisine.

Greece & Turkey

With its fabulous classical heritage and relaxed pace of life Greece is always one of our travelers’ favorite destinations.
Our tours to Greece combine climbing the Acropolis and exploring the ruins of ancient Olympia with enjoying chances to swim in the Aegean or just cool off in the pool. Many also combine the sights of mainland Greece with a cruise to such legendary Greek islands as Santorini or Crete.
Turkey, with its geographical foothold in Europe, offers visitors an intriguing blend of east and west, most especially in Istanbul, perhaps the most fascinating city in the world. Join us to explore Istanbul’s Ottoman palaces and bazaars or Ephesus’ Roman ruins.

Germany, Austria, & Switzerland

The three German-speaking Alpine nations share some of Europe’s most dramatic scenery and warmest cultures. Yet these proud countries are very different in many ways.
Germany surely has the most interesting modern history in Europe, finding itself transformed from a young imperialist nation to a reunited, economically-powerful democracy after defeat in two wars and the tragedies of Nazism and Communism!
As Austro-Hungary, Austria once dominated Europe. Nowadays this rich cultural center is better known for beautiful historic cities and scenic mountain villages.
Historically neutral, Switzerland lives up to almost all its stereotypes - spotlessly clean, faultlessly efficient, and incredibly beautiful.

Eastern Europe

Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Russia... the nations of Eastern Europe are often lumped together as though they’re all the same. In reality, the countries of the former ‘Eastern Bloc’ are wonderfully diverse with distinct cultures, histories and traditions.
Their attractions range from opulent palaces and Soviet-era monuments to religious shrines and some of Europe’s most rugged, beautiful and unspoiled mountains and scenery.
Croatia's Adriatic coastline, Romania's snowcapped Carpathian mountains, and Poland's lush forests are just a few examples of the natural treasures found here. Add Roman ruins, medieval fortresses and sophisticated historical cities like Prague, Budapest and Krakow and you realize that you’re spoilt for choice in Eastern Europe.

Australia & New Zealand

‘Down Under’ offers the incredible experiences and hopsitality of Australia and New Zealand.
Thanks to iconic landmarks like the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, and its famous Bondi and Manly beaches, Sydney is a first stop for most visitors to Australia.
Moving on from Sydney an entire continent offers some of the world’s most unique natural attractions, including the Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock, a sacred landmark for the aboriginal people at the very heart of Australia’s Red Centre.
Though tiny in comparison, New Zealand offers plenty of attractions of its own: lively cities such as Auckland and Wellington, and natural marvels that include Rotorua’s thermal springs, the majestic Southern Alps, and stunning fjords like Milford Sound.

India, Sri Lanka & Nepal

Stretching from the snow-capped Himalayas to Goa’s tropical beaches, the Indian subcontinent is one of the world's most absorbing, colorful, and exhilarating regions, packed with iconic landmarks and astonishing sights.
Whether we’re riding an elephant up to Amber Fort, taking a dawn boat ride on the Ganges in Varanasi, tracking tigers in Rajasthan, or watching the Taj Mahal change color as the sun slowly sets, India is (as the promotional ads say) incredible.
Sri Lanka, India’s southerly island neighbor, offers a distinct culture and history of its own. The world’s only officially Buddhist nation, it’s highlights include the ‘Temple of the Tooth’ in Kandy, lush highland tea plantations, and idyllic white sand beaches.

The Middle East

The cradle of civilizations and birthplace of the world's three great monotheistic religions, the Middle East is a fascinating destination. Many of the region’s cities are among the oldest in the world, and the rugged mountains, harsh deserts and fertile river valleys make the scenery every bit as compelling.
Some of our very favorite places in the Middle East: the astonishing red-rock ‘city’ of Petra and magnificent desert scenery of Wadi Rum in Jordan; the Old City and Umayyad Mosque in Damascus and Aleppo’s seemingly-endless bazaar; Iran’s wonderfully friendly people and the carpet shops of Esfahan; Egypt’s unrivaled archeological sights; and of course the incredible history and religious significance of Jerusalem.

South America

With little or no time difference, South America offers the intrepid traveler a host of amazing adventures within easy reach of the USA.
Our tours, customized for adults or families, are filled with experiences like hiking to Machu Picchu, seeing tango dancers in action, climbing up to a rainforest canopy, sampling the wine of an emerging region, or jet-boating beneath the astonishing Iguaçu Falls.
The continent’s landscapes are dramatic, with rugged mountains and volcanoes, coastal plains, lakes, and jungles brimming with a fabulous wealth of flora and fauna. Its cities meanwhile, combining the heritage of the indigenous cultures and the Spanish colonial period, offer distinctively South American architectures and characters, diverse tastes and sounds.